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Daniel Mandel Shares Secrets for Uber and Lyft Drivers to Live Empowered Lives

Episode Summary

My special guest today is Daniel Mandel Daniel’s music can be found here: www.uponreflectance.com Daniel’s Coaching can be found here: www.danielrmandel.com Daniel is a long-time friend, going back to 2002. We have done many men's groups and men’s workshops together over the past 17 years. In addition to being a musician and coach, Daniel has worked 15 years at Wells Fargo Bank with the title of eBusiness Consultant Daniel is a published musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and composer. Daniels current music project is a duo called REFLECTANCE. Daniel is also, and most important for this episode, a life coach. IPEC. Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching. We cover: • What kind of a coach would you call yourself? • Why did you decide to get into coaching? • As a coach, what do you feel is the greatest gift you give your clients? • What is your strategy as a coach to get the optimal results? • Tell us about anabolic and catabolic energy? • Can you talk about the relationship of values and vision and action? • What has been the biggest surprise as a coach? Something you did not expect? • Best part of being a coach? • Most difficult part of being a coach? • Daniel’s favorite movie, wallpaper, and theme song. Overall, this conversation was a bit of a coaching session for both of us. You can feel the energy rise as we speak about coaching, energy, buoyancy and transformation. I loved this conversation and I think you will too. It is chock full of little nuggets we can all use in life.

Episode Notes

Daniel’s Coaching can be found here: www.danielrmandel.com

Daniel’s music can be found here: www.uponreflectance.com

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